Special Requests

Grocery shopping: Need gluten-free food or almond milk?  How about organic or grass-fed meats, diary? Nantucket Scallops or a  bottle of wine/champagne for your arrival? We can recommend someone to help you with that.


Remedy a difficult situation: You know how it is sometimes — if something can go wrong, it will. We know someone who might be able to solve the problem.


Stock the kitchen with your favorite snacks: Does your spouse love homemade fudge? Or, would your boyfriend prefer fresh vegetable plate to chips? That can be arranged, too. Special treats, like chocolate-covered cranberries, can also be brought in. We can recommend someone.


Recommend local services of all kinds: Suppose your car gets stuck on the beach. What would you do? Or, suppose you crack a tooth. Do you want to spend your vacation researching dentists and calling for appointments? We can recommend someone.

Of course, you’ll have to pay for the services, items and courier fees that apply.  

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