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We are a family owned business, specializing in the Hospitality service, for over 65 years combined on Nantucket Island, and we can offer you a the true experience of Nantucket lifestyle.

The Nantucket lifestyle, combined with high standards of professionalism and keen business sense are key to the brand and history of this leading Island hospitality company, Nantucket Style Living. 


This brand is spearheaded by an Island family whose name has represented the very essence of hospitality for over 65 years combined.


Founded by Sara S. O’Reilly in 1972, her passion, dedication and Island “genius” have seen the brand grow into the international success story that it is today.


After 15 years of strategy counseling of Arlene O’Reilly—still, the company’s brand consultant— Nantucket Style Living is a transformation of brand. Originally known as NantucketInns.com, this company was a collection of traditional hotels and select properties.  In 2017,  Nantucket inns.com and the hotels were sold.  The challenge was to create a new name and new direction.  Over tea, drawing pads and pencils, it became clear to the O'Reillys that they have been providing travelers an authentic Nantucket living experience for decades. The properties that were kept were far more valuable and guests can choose the quaintness of a cottage or a decadent estate. Nantucket Style Living was born.


Sara O’Reilly, who has been at the helm as CEO for the last forty years, and is now President of Nantucket Style Living, she molded the shabby chic vision and new impetus in the managerial flair.


The inspiration from the second generation of O'Reilly's has proven the family’s increasing capacity to anticipate tastes, trends and understand the ever-changing needs of guests, without forgetting the values and characteristics upon which  Nantucket Style Living was founded and developed. The traditions of the company are firmly rooted in the family. With a portfolio comprising of 10 five-star properties on the historic island of Nantucket,  as well as one 5 stars in Arizona, one deluxe boutique in London. 


The properties stand out thanks to their extraordinary architecture, fine details, inimitable Nantucket style located on one of the world’s most beautiful islands.


Hospitality, culture, tradition, attention to detail, harmony, and wellbeing have long made Nantucket a must-visit for the discerning traveler.  Nantucket Style Living draws on these qualities and infuses this Nantucket “lifestyle” concept into its properties offering the quaintness of cottage by a lighthouse or an estate showcasing commanding views of the moors and surrounding seas.

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